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| What IS BoxAV8r . Net?

As is in its infancy, it seems appropriate to offer a brief introduction as to who Boxav8r (AKA PilotPete) is and how this site came into existence. Boxav8r is painfully aware how many blogs and sites out there are competing for your attention. Rising above the background noise isn’t going to be easy, but it is going to be fun! (& that’s an order!) Soon there will be a podcast which aviation professionals and aviation enthusiasts alike will enjoy. While you may be thinking that’s an awfully broad audience, Boxav8r simply says, “Hey – it’s easier to hit a bigger target”! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the . . . NEVER MIND THAT B.S!

It’s going to be a bumpy ride! Strap in & Hang on!

Are there things you want to know about aviation? Whether you’re a pilot or a not, Boxav8r is glad you’re here. Sign up to be a crew-member and welcome aboard. The main point here is to enjoy the journey. Boxav8r wants your questions, your opinions, your humor and horror-stories of aviation. The only thing you need to pack is an interest in aviation; from ATC to Tactical Aviation – from Light Civil to Heavy Commercial.

  • Have you ever wanted to know how airlines figure out their schedule? (I’m sure they do too)
  • Ever wanted to know why you’re on a ‘ground hold’ for ‘weather’ when you’re sitting on the ramp in Boston and there’s nery a cloud in the sky?
  • Are you interested in a career in aviation? It’s a pretty glamorous lifestyle, isn’t it?
  • Would you like to know how 5000 pilots at an airline get their ‘route’ assignments?
  • Ever wondered how a jet engine really works? It’s APPALLINGLY simple by the way – and pure genius in its design!
  • What really goes on in the cockpit of an airliner during long flights?
  • When you see an airline pilot ‘riding in the back’ – he’s riding for free. Isn’t he?
  • How much gas DOES a big airliner carry? How much gas does a big airliner use at full power?
  • Why don’t the wings come off in turbulence?
  • What IS a knot? And why to they sometimes talk about “MACH”?
  • Why do I get SO tired on even a short flight?
  • How do FedEx, UPS, and DHL get your packages there overnight? It all just goes through Memphis or
    Louisville, right?

    These and MANY MANY more questions which you have and send here to
    will be answered!

An OPEN invitation to other Aviation Professionals and Enthusiasts:

  • Are you interested in writing a little about your aviation experiences?
  • Do you find yourself answering questions about your aviation related job at parties and family get-togethers?
  • Do you talk with your hands and remember the cardinal rule ALL tactical pilots follow at the club on Fridays? (Of course I’m referring to ‘Never shoot your watch’ when describing the fur-ball you got into with that section of Vipers on your ACM hop this afternoon!)
  • Have you ever gotten hypo-thermic while changing an engine in -20º weather with a 30 knot wind?
  • Have you ever sat there and prayed you’d get an answer after the blips started to separate on your screen?
  • Have you ever wondered what the hell that controller was thinking when he ‘let’ that other guy get so close to me?
  • I’m looking for the Good, the Bad, and yes – even the Ugly! is about all things aviation, including giving non-aviators a look into the ‘cool world’ that is ours among the clouds and stars. I remember my first ride on a TWA Convair 880 – back in the Spring of ’64. My parents worked at TWA when they met, and my brother is also a pilot. So you could say that from this first exposure to airplanes I was hooked when the Captain invited me up to the cockpit. I remember only snippets from that first ride and cockpit tour. I do remember him showing me the rudder and aileron trim and let me sit in the seat. I also remember seeing cars going around a race track
    during that flight. (I believe that it’s probably an auto maker’s proving grounds in Central Ohio).

My first ride - Last Window seat on the left

I’ve since tracked this very airplane to retirement in the bone-yard circa 1978.How cool is that?

I also remember my first ride in the cockpit of a light civil. It was an Apache, and I got to fly for a few minutes as a friend of my mother’s brought me for a ride. While I still wasn’t willing to admit to myself I was ‘hooked’ (that wouldn’t have been cool) I was clearly on my way.Then the summer between my Junior and Senior year in High School, I spent in Beeville, Tx with my brother while he was going through flight school as a Marine Lieutenant. When I started college a year later, I was hooked and started pursuing flying on my own. Needless to say, it was a great motivator when my brother would come and see me, and let me sit in the cockpit of his A-4M.

Forget College! I\'m ready for Flight School now!

I’m ready to go now!

A fairly new Private Pilot. Circa April 1983

A fairly young private
pilot – circa April 1973

I got to fly an A-4J a few years later in Flight school.

TA-4J NAS Beeville, Tx. FCLPs